Program Goal: The main goal of this program is to educate top experts in the management domain and develop their capabilities for conducting managerial research in the contexts of different types of organizations such as economical, social, manufacturing & service Organizations. All applicants should be among distinguished graduates of Engineering, Physics, Economics, Mathematics and other sciences. International applicants can obtain more information at the below website:   Course Duration: Consists of  Maximum 2.5 years, 5 semesters. Totally 32 credits without Pre-requisite Courses . Program Structure:  Pre-requisite Courses Compulsory courses Optional courses Thesis                                      Total  9 credits 14 credits 12 credits 6   credits              41 credits       A.   Compulsory Courses: Consists of 14 credits or 5 courses as follow:       Items        1        2        3        4        5                              Course Name Decision  Making Methods Managerial  Economics Organizational Behavior Organization & Organizational Theories Research Methods 1 Credits    2    3    3    3    3